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Production Overview
Production Processes Overview
Revising the order overview, that enables to keep track of production processes and activities.


User Experience Design

Interaction Design

User Interface Design

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January 2021

April 2021

A short heads up

Since I’m bounded to a nondisclosure agreement, there are no specific client- or team member names mentioned throughout the portfolio and case studies. When names do show, there are additional agreements made with the client/person at hand.

Thank you for understanding!
Overview to track production activities and orders

Linx is part of a full service company, primarily for marketing communications of retail chains. One of our sister companies focus themselves around the production of those materials.

In the past, an order overview was created. Functioning to track and get all production activities for their clients done, before their deadlines. Back then, the need for such an overview was high and came around the corner rapidly.

Exploring possibilities and iterating on concepts

Markets, processes, and needs change over time. The current order overview has fallen out of context since all of these three points have made the shift. Unfortunately, it no longer fits in the process as it currently is established.

Receiving the question from the CEO to tackle the problem, explore possibilities, identify issues related to the project, and finally, come up with a detailed design.

The challenge
Ensuring recognition and improved user experience

There already is a tool that provides the users assistance with keeping track of production processes. Since the users have integrated the current tool within their daily workflow, despite the fact that it generates multiple pain points, the challenge is to make sure they recognize the tool in a way, with improved UX and a better fit within the current landscape.

Who it’s for
Project managers and production process managers

Overall, for our sister company. The primary users of the eventual tool are their project managers and lead production process trackers. Secondly, DTPers, graphical designers, and everyone else that is involved with, and needs overview of all production processes, are those for which the tool is created for.

My Contribution

My responsibility during this project was to explore and iterate on possibilities. I was in full charge of the user experience and -interface design. In the first stages of the project, I did thorough end-user research and aligned the business needs with those of the users and other relevant stakeholders involved.

Tackeling the project
Creating a valuable solution
How we started of
First iterations, only little constraints

The goals of the first iterations were to explore possibilities, with the idea to eventually replace or revise the current order overview, with generated concepts.

To understand the problems, I consulted the experts, users and stakeholders involved in the current overview. I wanted to gain knowledge on the user- and business goals.

Accessible research opportunities

This was the perfect opportunity for qualitative research. Due to the fact that I had access to our sister company’s employees, I was able to gain insight on the users their experiences, motivations, pain points, and workflow.

To be continued…
Let’s get in touch

Liam Tanis

Currently, I am not open to new work, but feel free to contact me anyways for a good conversation. Loving to talk about inspiring challenges and ideas. 

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