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Hi! I’m Liam, a UX-UI designer at Linx near Asmterdam

Let’s introduce
About Liam

But, Who’s Liam?

Hi there, thanks a lot for taking a peak at my portfolio! Currently improving marketing communication processes for retail chains, at Linx-IT Solutions bv as there in-house UX-UI designer. A software development company stationed near Amsterdam.

I’m a communicative, eager to learn, and extravert guy, that strives to keep a pro-active attitude – both during and after work. Pushing my own boundaries in combination with a strong, thoroughly and detailed work ethic, helps me grow on both personal and professional level.

When I’m not designing, you will find me reading psychology and design-related books; playing competitive team games; listening to raw, unpolished, industrial techno; on an adventure with friends; or occupied with my cats.

Educational journey

During my education, I enrolled into one of the internships as an interactive designer at Linx. Afterwards, I continued my internship journey at an amazing creative agency, XXS Amsterdam. Since both internships were enclosed with lots of positive feedback, I went back to school.

Once I past all my exams at Media College Amsterdam, Linx offered me a spot and I started as a professional UX-UI designer. 2+ years of experience further, still working at Linx with a lot of enthusiasm.

What I’ve been up to
Education & Experience

Education & Courses

Media College Amsterdam

MBO4 – Interaction Design

sept. 2015 – jul. 2019

The Interaction Design Foundation

Design Thinking – Beginner’s Guide

Sept. 2020

The Interaction Design Foundation

User Experience – Beginner’s Guide

Nov. 2020

The Interaction Design Foundation

Human-Computer Interaction – HCI

Dec. 2020

The Interaction Design Foundation

User Research – Methods & best practices

Mar. 2021

The Interaction Design Foundation

Design Thinking – The Ultimate Guide

Apr. 2021

The Interaction Design Foundation

UI Patterns for Successful Software

June 2021


Linx-IT Solutions bv – Software Development

Internship – Interaction Design

Feb. 2018 – Jul. 2018

XXS Amsterdam – Creative Agency

Internship – Interaction Design

Sept. 2018 – Feb. 2019

Linx-IT Solutions bv – Software Development

UX-UI Designer

Jul. 2019 – Present

Constant application
How I keep improving myself and the process

Reflection & evaluation

After every project, I reflect and evaluate myself and my applicated way of working. This helps me to learn from myself and design more efficiently.


Learn & invest

As design is where my heart is, constantly investing in the journey, keeps me sharp and enables me to expand my knowledge rapidly.


Thorough work ethic

Always striving for the best results. Keeping a keen eye on the details. Continuously iterating on designs to provide the best solutions.


Communication is key

Enables me to avoid misconceptions. Validates assumptions, information, and questions. Ensures delightful and great collaborations, with anyone.


striving for the perfect process

Despite the fact that practice always turns out different from theory, I tend to challenge that. Staying open minded, thinking outside of the box, searching for alternatives, to strive for the perfect process, all day every day.

Let’s get in touch

Liam Tanis

Currently, I am not open to new work, but feel free to contact me anyways for a good conversation. Loving to talk about inspiring challenges and ideas. 



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+31 6 138 28 668