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Projects that made impact and I’ve proudly worked on.
Case studies
What I’ve created
Banner Builder
Optimizing the creation of marketing banners

Adopting, semi-automating, and digitalizing marketing campaign banner creation processes. During this project I was entrusted with the user experience, -interface, interaction and visual design.

Automated Digital Content Banner Builder Artwork Creation
Catalog & Folder Builder
Reshaping the folder and catalog production process

Making the creation of catalogs and folders centralized, online, up to date, and automated. I provided the overall user experience with an intuitive user interface and visual design.

Production Order Overview
Gaining insight into all production processes

Revising the order overview, that enables to keep track of production processes and activities. During the project, I was in charge of the exploration of design possibilities.

Management Software Production Process Overview Scrum Agile Related
Design Process
Core activities
What I do on a daily basis
Identify Needs Human-Centered
Research & empathize

It is crucial to research, empathize, and gain insight on people and their needs before the project launches. User, business, management, engineering, and other stakeholders have (different) needs. I’m always trying to retrieve information from all involved, relevant angles.

Identify Needs Human-Centered
Focused exploration
Define & ideate

Once the needs are gathered and understood, I analyze and synthesize information into actionable problem and user statements. Mostly extending these with other definition methods, in order to effectively and accurately sketch out multiple concepts.

Identify Needs Human-Centered
Design & Prototype

After the best concept(s) is chosen, I’ll start designing. Creating UI designs, visuals, and prototypes will be top priority during this phase. A thoroughly and detailed work ethic drives me to come up with the best end results, that are aesthetically appealing and have great UX.

Identify Needs Human-Centered
On repeat
Iterate & retrospect

Needs, information and types of influences can shift over time. Therefore I try to be as proactive and adaptive as possible in order to keep meeting the identified needs, and iterate on elaborated solutions. Afterwards, I retrospect on myself to learn and improve.

Let’s get in touch

Liam Tanis

Currently, I am not open to new work, but feel free to contact me anyways for a good conversation. Loving to talk about inspiring challenges and ideas. 



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+31 6 138 28 668