Hi there, I'm Liam

An always energetic and enthusiastic guy, that is eager to learn and pushing his boundaries.

Living in a small village in the Netherlands called Lisse. In my spare time I love to experiment with HTML and SCSS.

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A little about me

This is me

In 2019, I graduated from MediaCollege Amsterdam as an interaction designer. Wait, that’s no UX/UI Designer! However, it is a large part of interaction design. At first, I didn’t quite know what path to take during the education. Until I got introduced to UX & UI Design.

From that point on, I knew where I was headed. Becoming specialized in UX/UI is the path I took and am still taking. From my point of view there isn’t anything better than keeping user’s satisfied and pleased with new, (digital) media products.

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Why I started this project

What I want to Achieve

UX/UI Design is a never ending process and a continuous learning process. The digitalisation of the world is high paste and keeps on developing. That is the factor what drives me in my work. I love diversity and am always eager to learn to push my boundaries. Besides that, I like to work on creative activities.

So the main goal I want to achieve related to my work and job, is to specialise myself of becoming the best UX/UI Designer that is within me. The sub-goal is to learn as much as possible and put that aspect into practise.

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Grab a cup of coffee, a bite or just chat a little? You can hit me up (almost) any time!

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